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In concert, the two musicians draw on their cultural roots to put together a program that daringly combines classical and contemporary music alongside arrangements and medleys of so-called “popular” music. This juxtaposition between the "classical" and "popular" worlds blurs the boundaries between the genres, calling into question the relevance of musical categorization. Aware of the fundamental importance of contemporary music and enthusiastic about the idea of collaborating with composers, the duo wishes to commission new pieces for their training and encourages these composers to venture into a new sound universe, that of the cello-accordion duo.



  • Fratres - Arvo Pärt (Estonian, *1935)

  • Rhythms of Doubt, for cello and accordion - Mikolaj Majkusiak (Polish, *1983)

  • Strophe, for cello and accordion - Philippe Hersant (French, *1948)

  • Letter to Bénédicte, version for cello and accordion - Denis Bosse (Franco-Belge, *1960)

  • Peegeldused Tasasest Maast - Tonu Korvits (Estonian, *1969)


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