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Mission, values ​​and objectives

The Duo Kiasma has a two-pronged approach : to shed light on an unusual instrumental combination while 'dusting' its instruments from the stereotypes that surround them, and to make their music accessible to a large audience of all ages. Together, Frin Wolter, Luxembourgish accordionist, and Pierre Fontenelle, Belgian-American cellist, seek to go beyond the classical training received in their higher studies in Finland, Belgium and Luxembourg, while preserving the values ​​that have been instilled in them - rigor, perfectionism, respect, analytical and musicological approach, as well as an open mindset.

Music for all


The Duo Kiasma , convinced of the unifying power of culture and the universal language of music, has set itself the task of reaching out to everyone. The combination of the cello and the accordion offers the advantage of being very little limited by technical constraints and allows the duo to perform everywhere, from the intimate halls and the more usual concert halls to schools, and festivals where classical music is rarely programmed. Eager to offer their music to all those who are generally excluded from cultural life, Pierre and Frin go to places such as prisons, hospitals, retirement homes... The duo also enjoys developing tailor-made concepts in collaboration with museums and art exhibitions for special occasions.



Thanks to the diversity of its repertoire, the duo is able to meet the expectations of all audiences (classical or otherwise) while making them discover new facets of music, of all kinds. In concert, the two musicians draw on their respective roots to put together a program that daringly combines classical and contemporary music with their arrangements and medleys of so-called “popular” music. This juxtaposition blurs the boundaries between the "classical" and "popular" worlds, calling into question the relevance of musical categorization. Aware of the fundamental importance of contemporary music and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​collaborating with composers, the duo wishes to commission new pieces for their training and encourages these composers to venture into a new sound universe, that of the cello accordion duo.




The Duo Kiasma wants above all to be close to its audience, to better share their emotions with them. The two musicians are convinced that unforgettable evenings and the most moving moments are only obtained with a relaxed atmosphere. Communication with the public is essential.

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